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When she felt me start cumming, she knocked my supporting hands away and fell into my lap, burying me completely in her ass. She rocked and ground her hips down on me, twirling her rectum around my cock for a spectacular finale. It emptied my testicles completely.

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Ohh huuuuhh,” she whimpered, involuntarily clamping down on me. The sensation of her slickened ass gripping my dick like a vice was almost too much. I bit my lip until blood flowed in my mouth. It was still almost too much. 

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You tell me to keep pushing back, and that I’m going to fuck your fingers. Your cock in my pussy and two fingers in my ass is almost too much. I feel so full.

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She shuddered so deeply that I slipped from her ass and instantly found myself jetting hot cum across her stomach. Streak after streak sprayed up across her breasts and neck. Still shaking with small convulsions, she reached down, catching two more thick spurts in her hands and smeared my orgasm all over her chest.

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I’m screaming and pushing back onto you. My clit is throbbing and I’m screaming that I’m going to cum. 

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Then I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my cunt lips. Tony pushed forward and sank the entire length inside me and fucked me slowly. He again started to rub my asshole and pushed his thumb back in. 

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I put my fingers inside the elastic and pulled them down fast. His big hard cock bounced up, almost hitting my face. I moaned in approval at my new toy. It must have been easily eight inches long and nice and thick.

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Jeff jerked his cock frantically, and he was so aroused over seeing Mrs. Jenkins naked it only took a couple of minutes before he spurted over the glass door in front of him.

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Jeff gawked at her ass cheeks showing around her panties and just had to reach down to rub himself as he watched her tits sway back and forth a little. Thinking how gorgeous they looked, Jeff pulled out his cell phone and began taking pictures of his friend’s half-naked mother. 

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His big young cock grew to full hardness as he stared at his former teacher’s naked tits. He continued watching as she dropped her shorts to the floor, before throwing them in the laundry hamper. Her panties were red cotton and looked damp with her sweat.

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Looking down at her, I could see directly into the cavernous crease between her breasts, and for a moment, I fought the urge to rip her shorts down and stab my cock into her virgin sex, working her on my cock even as she screamed, before unleashing a torrent of cum inside her young womb.

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It could never be my breasts his hands were clutching, it would never be my sex getting punished by his huge, unmerciful cock. It would never be my lips he was kissing, or me he was holding after filling my pussy with his seed. 

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Julia let out a little whimper as she felt her vagina almost explode. As she tried to catch her breath, she took his hand and led him beneath her dress. She gasped as his hand rubbed her now wet sticky labia.

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My cock had become trapped between her legs, and though she may not have realized it, she was pumping it slightly as her body undulated back and forth. I felt my balls begin to tighten, and I tried to hold back.

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In her trashed state Julia felt comforted by his weight. It wasn’t his full weight. She even like the still hard cock in her. She fell silent as she finally relaxed from the frenzy and started to slip into a completely blissful drunk sleep.

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I’ve never seen a naked man up close,” she said, her lips inches from my own. “You have a beautiful cock, Matty.” She took it in her hand as I hooked my arm around her left thigh, raising her leg. 

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Katherine had straddled me, not bothering to take her skirt off, pulled her panties down, and slid my cock into her wet sex, groaning as she opened her blouse and pulled off her bra. As soon as her beautiful breasts bounced free, I felt my balls tighten, my abdomen seize, and a huge load of cum began spurting up into Katherine.

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Rather hard not to when his cock stopped right in front of my pussy. This time he didn’t try to part my lips, just pushed against me. 

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Madam insists that rigid training is very important to perfect oral sex. My having to wear it though did result from my choking on one of Madams strap-ons some months ago.

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I felt Matty’s cock harden under my head, which was resting in his lap, and smiled to myself. I drifted off to sleep imagining that it was Matty who had caught me masturbating weeks ago, instead of Becky.

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No matter how much I enjoyed my brother’s eyes on me, or the feeling of his cock springing to life beneath me as I wriggled my ass in his lap, I knew that I could never be beneath him.

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He grabbed her hips and shoved her hard on to his cock as he came. He groaned as he released himself in her. She wasn’t far behind in coming and had to contain her cry of pleasure. She sunk on to him gasping for breath.

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My cock exploded inside Becky, shooting blast after blast of hot cum in thick ropes deep inside Becky’s womb. I continued thrusting as the cum spurted inside her again and again, until finally, Becky’s tight sex had drained me of all my seed.

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Despite that lingering dread, my cock hardened even more watching all the young women in front of me, running, bouncing, and jiggling. I selected Shay, a petite young blonde that I had met for the first time that day, and decided I would focus my attention on her.

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She glanced over to the canvas before then giving Albert’s cock a lick. He reached up to her head and tickled her ear turning her on even more and stroking her hair.

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She lifted her right leg, and I lifted her up a bit, pushing her harder against the wall as she locker her ankles just below my ass. Her hands squeeze my buttocks, pulling me in, and cries began to jerk out of her throat uncontrollably.

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I didn’t know what he was doing, nor did I care. I sank back down on the floor, the smell of Matty’s cum overpowering me. I used my hands to wipe the cum from my forehead, my cheeks, and from the front of my hair where I had been blasted several times.

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Out of my left eye, about the only place on my face not soaked in Matty’s semen, I could see him let go of his cock once it stopped spurting. I heard him apologize, then dart from the room.

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I always imagined it was Matty on top of me, driving his cock into me, my mouth, my sex, and my ass, between my breasts, showering me with cum.

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