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Four mirror pics in one of blonde girl dressed/undressed

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I groan as your thick cock slides into me. I can feel Rob’s tongue nursing on my clit and your cock filling me full at the same time… I’ve never felt anything so exquisite before. Rob’s hands reach down and find my dangling tits, kneading and pulling the soft flesh, and I’m in heaven. You grab my hips and start fucking me doggy style.

Sexy eagle spread and big jugs selfshot pic

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You push my dress up to my waist and slide your fingers under the waistband of my tights, and in one motion, you slowly peel my tights and panties down my hips and legs and drop them on the floor. I open my thighs as you settle yourself between my legs and gaze down at my naked pussy.

Brunette with cute smile and tiny tits bathroom selfie

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I bob my head up and down enthusiastically, my lips wrapped around your wet dick, and I can feel you getting harder and thicker in my mouth. I take you as far down my throat as I can and I gag a little. I release you, breathe, then try it again.

Cute black girl spreading to show her hairy pussy

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Fingerfuck her little pussy while you eat her, Rob, she loves that… don’t you, baby?” you say. I groan in response. I feel Rob slide one of his long thick fingers inside my cunt and I shiver. “Rob’s gonna eat you till you cum, and then I’m gonna fuck your tight pussy while he watches… okay?”

Cute bunny’s great tits selfie from below

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Just as I feel myself crashing over the edge, my pussy clenching and pulsating around your cock in a delicious orgasm, you plunge your soapy thumb up my contracting asshole.

Cute face and great body girl taking a topless selfie

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I nod. I can feel the fat head of his cock pushing against the opening of my pussy, the pressure is intense. “Okay, now I want you to think about gyrating your hips like you’re twisting a corkscrew into a cork…” I visualize a corkscrew and gyrate my hips slowly.

Blonde cute chick doing the duck face for a selfshot pic

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You moan and bury your head in my wet pussy, sucking my hard pink clit between your lips, and I can feel my nipples stiffen as I writhe and groan beneath you.

Latina with cute smile and tan lines stark naked for a selfie

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The slaps sting my already sore cheeks, but I like it. My pussy is already sopping wet and you’re gliding effortlessly in and out.

Naughty funny girl spreading her pussy lips for a selfie

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Then you plunge your finger in up to the knuckle and I feel my senses start to overload. As I rub my slippery clit, I can feel your soapy digit sliding into my tight butthole, your thick cock still sawing in and out of my pulsating pussy. 

Sticking their tongue and their titties out for a selfie

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I groan as you saw your thumb in and out of my tight tailhole in counterpoint with your cock. You leave it in place as I come down, and my asshole contracts and pulses around your thick digit like it’s sucking your thumb. 

Cute Russian teen showing her perfect nymph body

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I feel you kneel behind my upraised ass, as Rob starts hungrily sucking and lapping at my sensitive clit again. You slide the head of your cock up and down my wet crack, seeking out my opening, and when you find it, you push in, sliding it home. 

Not so convinced to be stark naked for a selfie for her bf

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I start jacking Rob’s cock with both hands, and he leans back in his chair and sighs, watching me and licking his lips in anticipation, still tasting my pussy on them as he does so. I open my mouth wide and try to stretch my lips around the fat head. It barely fits but I get it in. I suck on the tip, letting my spit drool down his shaft. 

She’s just wearing a bra to take a daring mirror pic

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Oh fuck…” I hear Rob whisper, as he watches me cum all over your face and hand, bucking and writhing beneath you. I can hear myself panting as I come down from my fantastic orgasm, feel you gently licking and kissing my wet pussy lips and thighs.

Cute latina in purple pants showing her nice little breasts

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I push out a little and some of your cum bubbles out of my tight pucker and drips down my wet pussy lips. 

Skinny emo girl lying on the ground naked in a selfie

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My mouth waters as I wrap my fingers around your rod and stare up at you. I suck your stiff cock into my warm wet mouth and relish the sound of you moaning, as I suckle gently on the tip.

Naked in her bedroom for a raunchy selfshot VIDEO!

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Cute serious brunette with big natural boobs selfshot pic

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You pick up the pace, the wet skin of your hips smacking against my slippery butt cheeks over and over, sending water flying between our crashing bodies. 

Blonde nymph not daring to show it all in this selfie

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I’m grunting and humping my butt against your finger as I feel my pussy clench and spasm on the edge of orgasm. I feel the delicious ripples radiating out from my groin and my nipples and I shiver and moan as I cum.

Black skinny chick fumbling her tit while naked in a selfie

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I shriek as I cum, feel you pulling on my nipples as my pussy gushes, spraying Rob’s entire face with the clear liquid. My hips buck and my legs tremble as I moan and shake, still squirting all over your friend.

Slim teen with great tits pulling down her pants

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Rob grabs his thick shaft and holds it upright. The huge head is as wide as my whole pussy. I reach down and spread my pussy lips and try to rub the head of his cock between them. 

Another example of what girls do in the bathroom

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There is no way I could have missed that. I breathe trying to get myself used to the intense, slightly painful feeling of Rob’s giant cockhead stretching my poor pussy wide open. As I breathe, the stinging subsides. I notice Rob is panting too.

Sitting her perfect ass on the kitchen floor for a selfie

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Please… just a few more minutes…This feels so fucking good…” I love having your dick up my ass but I don’t want to stop what we’re doing. I could definitely get addicted to having a tongue on my clit and a dick in my pussy at the same time…

She does a topless selfie while her friend says hello

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I feel his cock making a bit of headway, gaining a tiny entry. “Good. Now, take a deep breath… and exhale.” As I exhale I feel my pussy relax and slide down about an inch. I feel the head of his cock pop in, finally. 

Skinny beauty spreading for a good take of her shaved pussy

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I can’t believe how much having your friend witness our sex play lights me on fire. My pussy juices like mad and you suck up every drop of it with your hungry mouth.

Selfie of classy dark haired chick with lovely ass

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Nathan was beginning to lose control as he kept sucking and sucking and then moved back forced open her legs and rammed his dick inside of her as far as it would go. She let out a scream which caused the porter to tap on the door and asked if everything was OK.

Perky little tits with tan lines. What an amazing selfie

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Then you lick along the length of my wet gash in one long stroke, from my puckered asshole up to my swollen clit and back again. “Mmmmm can’t wait to fuck that naughty little asshole…” you moan. I arch my back and press my pussy into your face, groaning in pure pleasure.

Indian desi beauty dressed-undressed mirror pics

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I feel you release your grip on one of my hips, and then I’m surprised by the naughty but pleasant sensation of your finger as it traces over the opening of my winking asshole.

Nice smile, big boobs and hips selfshot pic

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You start pumping into my tight pussy, the pronounced head of your long dick rubbing against my g-spot. I reach my fingers between my pink lips and start diddling my clit while you continue to bone me from behind.

Doggy exposing ass and pussy for a frisky selfie

hotmirrorpics-com-self-shot-teens 864
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You lift me off your cock with a groan, which slides out of my wet pussy with a plop. I climb off the bed and kneel on the floor in between your legs as you sit on the edge of our bed, jerking your wet cock with your hand. 

Kneeling happy blonde beauty all naked for a selfshot pic

hotmirrorpics-com-self-shot-teens 869
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Fuck my pussy, Gavin,” I beg after a few minutes of this sweet torture. I bend over further, raising my ass to you and granting you easy access to the warm wet opening between my legs.

Amazing skinny teen in shorts with a cup titties selfie

hotmirrorpics-com-self-shot-teens 868
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I reach down between my legs and run my fingers over the sensitive tip of your cock, caressing the swollen head every time it pokes out from between my pouty pussy lips.

Topless chick with huge fake boobs and pierced nipples

hotmirrorpics-com-self-shot-teens 867
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I back my slippery ass up against you and feel your long hard cock slide between my thighs. You glide your soapy shaft back and forth between the soft folds of my hairless pussy, the ridge of your cockhead rubbing against my sensitive clit.

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