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Managed to take a very sexy selfshot pic

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Chris looked upwards and let out a sigh of pleasure as my wife sucked him. I began to stroke my cock, thinking how much smaller I looked compared to the man that was about to make love to my wife and trying not to cum as I watched.

Selfie with the most perfect tits ever seen

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Her pussy felt fantastic. Not as strong as Lisa’s of course, more glove-like. Creamy and smooth, with a velvety grip coating my cock in ecstasy. And Simone was loving it. As I’d seen on the lawn she is sensual and highly sexed.

Cute blonde coed with nice tits topless selfie

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My eyes grew a little bit, by her expression when she slid down the silk boxers and exposed his, already hard cock. It was large, not Chris large… but at least eight inches and rather fat around. She coupled her hands around it as she looked back at me with a look of excitement on her face. “This is nice,” she said to me, before turning and taking him into her mouth.

Gets naked for this selfie and gives you a lusty look

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After a few minutes of slow cocksucking, Sarah started to really pick up the pace as the man put his hand on her head and forced her to bob up and down on his big black dick.

Selfshot closeup pic of her open shaved pussy

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Every so often the stream of guys would slow down and I’d get a chance to run my hands over my body, massaging the cum into my tits and pussy. But then another cock would jerk off onto my face or slide into my cum slippery cunt.

Top class petite beauty naked taking a selfie

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He spat on my forehead and told me I couldn’t leave until every guy in the room was done cumming. As he talked shit, a third guy positioned himself behind my upturned ass and shoved his lubed cock into my hole.

Blonde girl with banging body and shaved pussy selfie

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The next few guys picked me up and carried me to a leather couch. One laid down and the others positioned me to straddle his dick with my cum filled cunt.

Awesome Asian girl with great tiny titties selfshot

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But then another cock would jerk off onto my face or slide into my cum slippery cunt. The guys would cheer every time I took a big load or got fucked especially hard.

Emo nymph with really tight petite body selfshot pic

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I’d dress to not be recognized. I usually wore a hat and a large coat. But underneath, predictably, I’d wear as little as the porn stars I loved to watch. Sometimes I would wear a skirt and top. Sometimes just a thong.

Dark haired nymph takes selfshot of her perfect body

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Thinking back on it, I must have sucked more than 14 guys off in quick succession through the gloryhole, but I had no sense of it at the time. After an hour, I was a complete mess.

Stunning ebony teen naked body selfshot

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My senses filled with utter delight. I was being eaten by a man and eaten so nicely. And as he licked on my hot little cunt, I pinched down hard on my sensitive nipples. Coach Martin shoved a finger back up into my clutching cunt-hole. I was dripping all over his hands and face, as he sucked my clit, gently.

Beautiful blonde with perfect body phone selfshot

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Cum ran down my body from my face, where most of it hit, over my tits and tummy, down to my kneeling thighs. While I sucked, I had fingered myself to a handful of small orgasms, each one more intense than the last.

Teen beauty in black lingerie mirror pic

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Her body too soon was racked by orgasm as it tore thru like wild fire. She gripped my sack, screamed my name and convulsed violently above me. She wound down presently and collapsed onto my body.

Blonde stunner stark naked but hiding away selfie

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I could not & would not stop ejaculating, until finally they were just dry heaves and then nothing more.

Cute Asian chick topless first naked selfshot pic

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She was way ahead of me, lifted off my erupting cock, exposing it to the elements and locked her lips on mine, silencing my scream of torment and release.

20 years old Sandy’s topless raunchy selfie

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Her breasts gently rubbed against my turgid cock. I was close to spending. Diana had told me ‘no.’ I’d listened and I would abide her decree.

Horny blonde in all fours taking a selfie of her ass

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I would watch a bit of everything kinky–bondage, spanking, latex, anal–but I always returned to the same fetish, the one that made my heart skip and flutter and the rest of my body throb. It was bukkake.

Selfie of a cute smiley brunette in black lingerie

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Alicia’s mind reeled as once again Eric buried his entire nine-inch shaft deep into her with enough force to drive her deep into the mattress. The bed squealed in protest again.

Dressed-undressed cute asian chick selfshot

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I opened the double doors and saw myself on the huge theater screen. I was sloppily sucking down cock through a gloryhole as saliva and sperm streamed down my chin.

Emo skinny blonde loves taking naked selfshot pics

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I dropped my coat and hat to the floor, standing completely naked and exposed in the booth. I felt the same thrill I always felt when I exposed myself in this barely public way.

Cute brunette with impossible boobs mirror shot

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My nipples hardened and my cunt throbbed. I fell into the vinyl chair tried to work the TV screen.

Beautiful 19 years old German girl’s perfect body selfie

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A blond was getting fucked in every hole, sandwiched between three guys as still more shot ropes of cum over her hair and back.

Cute tiny brunette flashing her smooth pussy selfie

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An hour past like this, one cock after another pushing through the hole. I gorged myself on the cocks and and covered myself with their cum. I counted the first seven, then lost count, counted another four, then lost count.

Cute smile naked front and rear selfshot pic

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The shop girl had directed me to a gloryhole booth without telling me. I learned this when a veiny, thick, completely anonymous cock pressed through a hole in the wall of my booth in between the chair and the screen.

Blonde with big natural breasts selfie from the shower

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I stroked the cock with my lips while the squeals of bukkake sluts on the screen drowned out all the sound. I couldn’t hear when the guy on the other side started to cum, but I could feel his dick pulse in my mouth.

Chubby indian girl taking her first naked selfshot pic

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I gasped in shock but only for a second. It already oozed precum, which dripped a long string down to the floor. I watched another blond on the screen take a cumshot on her already sticky labia. My craving took over.

Chubby blonde teen spreading in front of the mirror

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I dropped to my knees on the filthy floor. I pressed up to the gloryhole and eagerly lapped my tongue over the salty cockhead in front of me. Needing to be filled, I quickly swallowed half the strange shaft down into my throat.

Tight blonde coed stroking her shaved pussy

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A thick rope of semen launched out of my cock and landed on her calve that was lodged under my body. Strand after strand landed on the sheets.

Barbie doll in gym top and yoga pants selfshot

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As his huge, hard, long dick rammed deep into her pussy, almost driving hard into her womb, Alicia wrapped her long, soft legs tighter around Eric’s waist, pulling him deeper into her with each thrust.

A selfshot of Nekane and her huge natural breasts

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I crawled between her legs, removed the strap on and licked between her folds. She was so warm and so wet and so very good. Diana’s scent was intoxicating and I ventured to get lost in it.

Chubby Indian Desi girl spreads for this selfie

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She grabbed on tightly to my ankles, lowered her pussy barely onto my cock and started gently rocking back & forth. Just the head was buried in her liquid warmth.

Dream girl showing off her perfect boobs in this selfie

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A brunette with huge tits was bound, laying face up over a pummel-horse as guys used her mouth and pussy before adding to the lake of cum pooling on her belly.

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