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Deeper he pressed, my nose tickled by the pubic hair at the base, his balls swinging like a pendulum bumping my chin.

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The memory of what happened wasn’t that bad either. I had always been a fantasies person when it came to sex, so getting fucked bareback by a stranger and having him cum in my ass ticked a lot of my boxes.

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I made no protest when he grabbed a handful of my hair and guided his cock to my lips using the wet head to gloss my lips before pushing past them into my warm mouth.

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At last he pressed in, shooting his seed, he let out a deep grunt and slumped over my back letting his cock ooze out of my body. He rolled over, first shoving me away, while he took a long drink of water, then grabbing me by the back of the neck he pulled me into his side he let out a sigh.

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I began stroking in and out and she began moaning and humping the pillow. I allowed her to play with her pussy with her fingers, and she tickled her clit as I fucked her ass-hole. Something good for everyone. Love it.

Sexy ebony chick showing her freshly shaved pussy

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Unghh,” she grunted as she bit down on her lip and closed her eyes. She had worked the entire tip of my cock in but was going slow. I started to slowly bounce my hips to move my cock slowly in and out of her ass.

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Nuzzling and leaving them finding the spot below his sack I gently sucked and nibbled until he quivered and grabbed my head and thrust his cock back in.

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After a few more strokes, I unloaded my balls into her ass. After several huge spurts of cum, we collapsed onto each other on her bed. I pulled my cock out of her ass and it made a slurping noise as some cum and blood dripped out of her ass.

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And then my orgasm was upon me, and I thrust once more deeply into Angelica’s ass and froze, pumping my seed deep into her bowels, twitching slightly back and forth to keep the sensation going.

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And then his balls against her pussy told her that he was fully in, entirely accommodated by her anal passage. She looked in his eyes and saw an immense satisfaction, could just imagine how it must feel like for him, that tightness giving his cock such an intense squeeze.

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The first thing to do was to introduce her to cock up her ass. That was new to her. So I took it slow. Because she had been anticipating sex she was juicy in the pussy. I didn’t want pussy, but I could use the juice seeping out to wipe on her little brown asshole. Her virgin hole.

She looks like a topless angel in this selfie

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The feeling was indescribable as my thick cock slipped into Angelica’s ass, and I’m still surprised that I didn’t come then and there. But I managed to hold off as my dick slowly disappeared into that lovely ass. Once she was fully impaled on my erect member, I began to pump slowly.

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She knelt down and leaned over the bed, presenting to me her pristine backside, and then reached backwards to pull her cheeks apart. The rosebud of her asshole was puckered tightly, and I was overcome with lust.

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My pussy, despite his complete lack of attention, was still soaking wet, and if I even touched my pussy, the whole bus would see me cum and squirt like a real slut.

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Ooohhhh,” she groaned. “Fuck my ass, fuck it. Pound my virgin ass harder.” She bounced on my cock as the whole length slid in and out of her ass. I continued to suck on her big tits as she rode my cock. I licked and sucked her rock hard nipples as she grabbed my hair. For several minutes she rode me as I banged in and out of her ass.

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The speed of each cock inside of her, incredibly, got even faster and it was Colin who had to admit first, “Fuck yes, I’m cumming!”

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Two naked teen girlfriends naked in the changing room

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Her husband, thirst satisfied, pushed his head backwards to enjoy the view once more, and what a view! Lisa’s arse was so glossy and his pal’s dick was coated with the liquid lubricant as it easily slid in and out of her naughty hole.

Mexican goddess with big boobs and cameltoe nude selfie

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Her hand was already full of something slippery, and she wrapped it around my dick and pumped twice, three time, making sure it was fully covered. Her other hand held a tube, which she pointed at Angelica’s asshole and squeezed. With an obscene sucking sound, the anal lube covered her ass crack.

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Cute slender brunette topless selfshot pic

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Now Mike waited for the moment of her ultimate sign of pleasure as he continued to allow her arse-hole to be mangled “Fuck me, honey,” she screamed again, “Fuck my arse and make me squirt in my fucking husband’s mouth. Fuck me!”

Horny teen taking a closeup selfie of her freshly shaved pussy

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Fuck me’ I tell you, I love doggy style, and I was so close to cumming again, I need you inside me and I need it now. You don’t hesitate, and you’re quickly buried inside me once more.

Sporty girl happy to show off her lean gym body

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He leered at the sexy scene for another moment, her oiled buttocks being stretched as never before until his hard-on reminded him that she was there to be pleasured, and that thought, along with his erection, pointed his penis in one direction.

Perfect 19 years old girl splendid smiley selfshot pic

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This I have got to see,” Mike hissed as he, gently, released his boner from Lisa’s sumptuous mouth and, gingerly, he swept down the bed to watch his pal fuck his wife’s arse!

Perfect petite girl proud of her amazing little naked body

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She skillfully masturbated him with her mouth, sucking him as he had never been sucked before, until to his amazement, he was eventually fully deep-throated.

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His cock stiffened even more and he pulled her closer to him. His hand momentarily passed down between her legs and he could feel a moderate dampness there.

Black girl with shaved pussy and big natural titties selfie

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Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” she hollered as her orgasm overpowered her whole body in an incredible way, squirting even more of her drained love juice out of her ravaged pussy, soaking Colin’s cock and balls and leaving yet another puddle to be cleaned up later.

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Oh fuck yes!” Lisa repeated to herself as she felt her vagina being stretched open by her husband’s wonderful cock that blended with Colin’s up her backside. Both men could feel each other as they tried to push her into another sexual high.

Horny petite blonde fingering her shaved pussy selfie

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You’re fucking my wife up her arse!” he shouted with a smile on his face, “you lucky bastard!” as Lisa re-inserted his cock down her mouth.

Skinny sexy teen with tan lines first naked selfie

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He guided his cock through the dense undergrowth until he found the opening and slipped it gently inside. Pulling her even closer, he felt her pussy tighten around it and he began thrusting away in a steady rhythm.

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He fucked her as he rubbed her, and her orgasm built up. She submitted to his attention; kissed him, wrapped her legs round his, raking his calves with her heels; pushed her vagina against his hand, and then she came.

Polish blonde closeup selfie of her shaved pussy

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She tried to swallow as much as possible but the intensity was such that she had to pull away. The remnants of spunk continued to flow out of Kevin’s cock and some of it landed on her chest and bra.

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